About Me

"When Life Gave Me Lemons,
I Made Awesome Lemonades"

When life gives us what we don't want, it is frustrating and we feel lost in this journey. Not going too much into detail, here is a list of events and recurring issues i did not ask for. I am sure you would have dealt with some or most of such issues in your lifetime.

 - Quarrelsome parents
- Average Grades In School
- Teenage Rebellion and Low Self Esteem
- Career Confusion
- Marrying the Wrong Guy

- Divorcing the Wrong Guy For All The Right Reasons
- Parents Separation
- Illness in Family
- Monsters in Law
- 'Baby' Decisions
- Losing Jobs
- Blood Sucking Jobs
- Impact on Career By Two Recessions (2000 and 2009)
- Work From Home Struggles
- Disowned By Close Family
- Death of A Parent
- Moving Countries
I guess I am finally done and not asking for more

The point is not to cry out my problems but to share with you that I fell down and I got up many times.

It wasn't easy but as you already know, we gotta move on.

In my past journey I have realized a few mistakes I made.

"One was..I compromised and did not ask for more"

Yes, I said its ok, whatever is easy to get or convenient or pleases my family or loved ones, I will just accept those decisions.
But this is not how I had planned my life when I was 16. I knew what i wanted, when I wanted and how much I wanted.

But I guess I did not love myself enough to make it all work and was busy pleasing others in my life, maybe because I am trained to be a woman. I do not know why, but it's too late to change things. If you feel that you have been in my shoes..

I dare you to want more, love yourself and make a list of your dreams and desires and start working on it.
Honestly, there are no excuses, at least not for most of us.

This book really helped me change my life and I folllowed all the steps mentioned in it.

I want to give this book FREE TO YOU!

Where should I send this Life Changing Book?