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However, advertising has its own challenges such as:

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How I generate leads using messenger bots

Messenger Bots is the new revolutionary trend for the following activities related to your business in any niche:

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  1. Generating New Leads For Your Business
  2. Retaining Existing Customers
  3. Engaging with your Audience
  4. Giving High Quality Customer Service
  5. and much more

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And they dipped in the freezing water

June 24th 2018, 21C and very windy
It was a beautiful Sunday morning. My first Sunday of this summer in Sudbury, Canada as we had arrived from the very humid Mexico. I had convinced H, a new believer to go to All Nations Church with me. I havent been to church in the past three years as Chetumal is very Hispanic and There are no English churches in the town. So I was really excited.

I stood outside the house to understand how cool it was as summer had not yet started and I like to stay warm. I felt the chill and put on a sweater.
H parked in the driveway as she came to pick me up, wearing a beautiful summer dress. I thought to myself, oh, she is Canadian, she doesnt feel cold like I do.

So off we went and when we reached the church we read the sign saying, No Church Here today, go to BellPark. I thought bellpark was another auditorium but when I saw the expression on H’s face, I asked her what is Bellpark. She said, “oh my, its a lake so the church is in the open and i have no coat”.

Anyway we went to Bellpark and as H parked her car, we were wondering where to go. We started walking as H held her arms together to keep herself warm and met two people driving a golf cart shuttle. They asked us,” do you want a ride?” We said, “oh thanks”. So we jumped in the golfcart, i sat on H’s lap and they drove us to the lake where we now saw some heads around the lake.

We saw people standing in the lake. People were getting baptized. Wow, the water was freezing, H was freezing, I put my arms around her from the back to keep her warm while we watched people get baptized.

We stayed there for about an hour and then went for a good breakfast at Starvin Marvin Restaurant and warmed ourselves up some good coffee, breakfast and heart to heart girl talk.

Moral of the story, expect the unexpected and make the best of what you get everyday.



As much as I love water, I never had a chance to swim, i thought i was too old to learn anything new, specially when i saw those little kids swimming, it was even embarrassing to look like a newbie in the water.

Until this year i decided to take lessons and i can swim a bit now and am working on staying in the water longer and getting used to the feel of it.

I see many of us feel we are too old to learn something new. 

We have our excuses – no time, too tired, too old… etc, etc, etc.

This is the age of the internet and our parents are learning to use tablets just when they finished learning how to use a touch screen phone.
What is your excuse ?? Are you too old to learn something new ?

Are you willing to learn the ninja tips and tricks of marketing?


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Celebrating 6 years of my business with Frank

We have an amazing online Marketing Business, and I am proud of our business here in Canada.

Here is a little gift for you – In celebration of our 6 years business anniversary




I had worked in the corporate sector for almost 13 years and i know how it feels to get out of bed and drag yourself to work. Well, a few of you are lucky who love your job.

I wanted to be a designer – a web and graphics designer….some wrong moves I made, add it with a dash of recession of 2000 and wallah…i had my perfect recipe of career disaster and landed up in call centers and HR and admin jobs.

Hmm, not so creative, trust me…

Take away the brush from an artist and give her a calculator or a spreadsheet to work on…something like that happened to me.


So here is what my life was when i worked with corporates.

– I was super sensitive about my WEEKENDS. I wanted to live my whole week in those two days before I had to drag myself to work again on ‘Just another manic Monday’.
– On these weekends, I wanted to spend most of my money I earned in the those 5 weekdays to get the stress out of my mind.

– I would go to a mall and buy everything I did not need; clothes – when my closet was overflowing with all kinds of clothes; snacks and candies – bad for my health; shoes – just because I needed them but actually I didn’t 🙂

And then would come the dreadful Monday, and I would go back to the same old cycle of the week.

“Sometimes it was hard for me to believe that I was human because I almost felt that I was a machine. Ever had that feeling ?”

One day I lost that job due to recession of 2009 (hit for the second time by recession…aaargh!!)
and I decided to take the risk.

“I decided I will not go to work anymore, no matter what”

I will do what I love to do
I will learn to live without my salary
I will survive

So, I made up my mind to sit at home and freelance – what, how, where – I didn’t know but I had decided and I was not turning back.

I got many opportunities to do some freelance work but it paid me very less and I was still not enjoying any of it. I finally decided to use my degree from 15 years ago and started doing some graphic and website designing business.

“Soon I realized I was not a great artist, and I had to outsource most of my work to an agency. Well, that kind of helped me finish my projects, but I did NOT want to give away my customers”

But the good part was that I learned to design, brushed up my Photoshop skills and more than anything I learnt to handle clients.

I also tried MLM – selling health supplements but the cost of procuring the products, sometimes stocking some, taking people for trainings to the center – it all costed more than I could afford anymore. I soon realized I was buying and consuming these products more than I was selling these, haha, I am sure most of us who have tried MLM understand what I am saying here. Amway, Avon, Tupperware or Herbal Life.

I gave up – sat in my bedroom watching movies and knitting all day ( That made me a crazy knitter, lol). I did that for a year – depending financially on my parents, sister, friends, credit card.

And one day – I happened to meet an online marketer, Frank Andres on skype

He wanted to sell me an online opportunity for $15. I had no money but I did have a credit card and the entrepreneur inside me was so desperate – for money, for a new opportunity that in the next 48 hours I bought the opportunity on my credit card not knowing how I will pay my card (Now remember, I had been without salary for nearly 4 years)

About Frank, I was impressed by his selling and convincing skills. The truth is, he did not sell me anything…he just talked and answered my questions on skype -like a friend would.

I realized that was the art  – the art of making relationships
Eventually, in a few months, he was not promoting that online opportunity and had started his own venture. I offered to join his business and..

“Today I celebrate 6 years of my business with Frank”

We have an amazing business partnership, and I am proud of our business here in Canada.

Here is a little gift for you – In celebration of our 6 years business anniversary

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Music Therapy works better than medicines

Yesterday Kayla shared this video of an old man in a nursing home.


The doctor in this video is Oliver Sacks who was portrayed in the 1990 movie Awakenings featuring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.

Yes I believe that music can bring you back to life. It changes your mood, it refreshes you, and it lifts your spirits. It reminds us of our youth, our childhood, the song our parents sang or we learnt in school. Music brings back memories.

Today, we have innumerable music gadgets and too many options to choose from. Our ipods and phones are full of 1000s of songs but there was a time we used to play a record or a cassette over and over again till we unconsciously learnt our favorite song and could sing it in our sleep.

Nevertheless, music is still an inseparable part of our lives. We have it playing in our car and some work places allow you to use headphones while you work. Housewives play it while they are cooking.

Unfortunately, people from the older generation do not know how to play their music. They have to rely on what plays on the radio, and they don’t know how to use these new gadgets, how to add their favourite songs in an ipod or phone.

They have lost their music…and with their music, they have lost their childhood and their youth. They have to rely on their children or grandchildren to learn to use these gadgets.

How can we return music to our older generation?

Next time you think of buying a gift for your loved one who is older, specially from the 50s and the 60s, get them a simple music player and load it with the songs of their generation, of their favourite bands. Or get them a cassette player or a record player if you can find the cassettes and records of their choice.



Celebrating 6 years of my business with Frank

We have an amazing online Marketing Business, and I am proud of our business here in Canada.

Here is a little gift for you – In celebration of our 6 years business anniversary


This is How Peanut Therapy Works miracles!

One day, I and Frank’s Dad decided to buy a bagful of peanuts and crack them. So we sat at the dining table and got started at it.

We must have done this for an hour or so (time just flew past) and amazingly we talked about so many things, good and bad, about people, religion, cultures, traveling and many other topics.

We were not just popping peanuts out of the shell but popping our feelings and sharing our thoughts. It was so much fun. (although cleaning up after wasn’t so much but it was worth the conversation)

Next day Frank joined us and after a few weeks his friend, John who was visiting us decided to participate in peanut therapy.



You got to try it to believe it !!!

Get a bag of peanuts today and invite your friends, parents, siblings, spouses, lovers and coworkers.



Celebrating 6 years of my business with Frank

We have an amazing online Marketing Business, and I am proud of our business here in Canada.

Here is a little gift for you – In celebration of our 6 years business anniversary


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