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Yes! we can stop the next hurricane !!

After the massive destruction in Texas, We are awaiting Hurricane Irma.
And who knows how many!

With all the technology we have in 2017, it's impossible to predict what nature has to bring to us.

As humans we have the tendency to develop fear when we hear about danger approaching us and a sigh of relief when it is going somewhere else.

Watching the news on CNN, i hear the weather reporter say, "the good news is, it is not coming our way."

Well, that doesn't mean that the small beautiful islands of the carribeans will not be affected.

But it is our human tendency to send danger to another place.

I know sometimes I have personally felt that way, " the hurricane is coming but thank God, it wont come here."

However, I believe we, humans have the power to control these natural disasters.

Now some things are hard to explain, however I believe it works that if we pray or send good vibes (based on our belief) to all the countries which may be expected to be hit, we can change the course of these storms and send them away so that no lives are lost, no houses are destroyed.

So, when we watch the news next time, let's send our prayers to send these storms and hurricanes away to an uninhabited island and protect our beautiful planet.

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with this free app

As you must be aware i work from home but i work a lot on my computer and when i am not on the computer i am doing something on the phone. 

Lately I have experienced dry eyes and sharp pain in my left eye. I do wear anti glare glasses and my eye sight is perfect.

Every two hours i splash water in my eyes and yes, it does feel better and sometimes i just close my eyes and lie down on the couch.

But one day, I sprang up from my couch and said to myself ," Oh there is an app for everything, there must be an app for protecting the eyes".

so with my sore eyes i started looking for an app and found this google blue light filter app. Yes it's free  because google is free, remember 🙂

I immediately installed it on my laptop and i found one form my samsung phone.

What it does it creates a light yellow screen - i guess like kindle, i dont own a kindle so i dont know much about it.

At first you will not like it because your eyes are used to the bright shining blue light but it takes a day or two to get used to it.

Now my question is: why no one is talking about it?

Why are people not sharing such information on social media and why are there no ads on radio and TV to download such apps and protect our eyes???

Am i being paranoid in saying that our world leaders are deliberately making such gadgets to destroy our eyes. Hmm, it got me thinking.

Anyway I am taking time today to let you know I CARE or should i say EYE CARE,lol 😀

Now i saw other apps too which are free but I dont really know whats the difference so I just got blue light filter app from google.

Its day 4 and i feel more comfortable now working on my computer and also in using my phone.

Thanks to blue light filter free app by google.

Below is a picture of what the app looks like and as you can see in the screenshot, my image is yellow because i have the app on.

Please share this information with friends and family to help them protect their eyes.

Why do I have an email from my prime minister in my inbox?

I turned on my computer today and i found two emails in my inbox from our Indian prime minister.

What? of course its not from his personal email but looks like I have been added to their mailing system. 

My first question is, where the heck did you get my email from?

Oh of course, it must be on my voters ID so that's not a mystery.

But our government forgot that bulk emailing is supposed to be permission based.
Well. Mr Prime Minister, I haven't lost my memory but I am very sure I did not sign up for your emails and even if i did by accident, I have now unsubscribed.