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Don’t Go To Cancun, Mexico….Till you read my blog

So, we decided to go to Belize via Cancun, Mexico. Because Mexico was just a stop over, the trip to Mexico was a very budgeted trip. The plan was to take a flight from Toronto to Cancun, then get on a night bus to Belize. The cost of traveling on a direct flight from Toronto to Belize was almost double of traveling the way we did and we read on many blogs about Belize and Facebook groups that many travelers do this to cut their cost.

Anyway, we landed at the Cancun airport  and looked for trolleys for our baggage and we found out that there were no spare trolleys for us.

Lesson #1 – Travel light

so we dragged our 3 big bags and decided to turn on our tablet to look for the address of the guest house we booked.

Guess what! There is no wifi at cancun airport.


Thankfully we had saved it offline

Lesson #2 – Write the address and phone number of your hotel on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet.

So we looked around and I finally saw the counter of the ALDO bus to Belize, right inside the airport. I went up to ask about bus timings and did not get any clear answers from the lady at the booking window as she did not understand much English. I started walking back to Frank and our baggage just to find out that he was talking to an airport assistant who did speak good English. He wore the airport assistants badge however he was trying to sell us a package to a resort for the weekend.

There were many other men sitting behind their desk towards the exit of the airport. We understood that it was their full time job, not to help the tourist but to sell them these resort packages. If I remember correctly, this resort was beautiful as it looked in the brochures and it was owned by the Mexico govt.

So, what did we need from them, a phone so we could call the hotel. There were no public phones inside the airport, and no place to buy water as we were so thirsty.