How to Drown your Business in 5 easy steps!

If you are a startup, a small business owner or an independent distributor of an MLM company, its easy to fail rather than succeed.

3 mistakes people make which consequently brings down their empire before it is built

Mistake Number One


I know what you are thinking but if you want to sell, you don’t just make a list of your relatives, friends and existing customers and start pasting direct selling messages on their Facebook timeline.

Don’t invite them to like your Facebook fan page.

Find creative ways to entice people to read your emails, Facebook messages or texts  – do anything but direct sell….ask us about the secrets about smart selling without direct selling


Mistake Number Two


Sell one product only. it is nearly impossible to sell several kinds of products or services. Websites of some online marketers are full of several unrelated opportunities which confuses the visitor on their site about what to look at. It also says a lot about your personality to your existing customers if you are selling different kinds of opportunities every few months. Yes, we all have some amazing ideas, I have one everyday but imagine if I try to implement one concept everyday, I will be trying to sell 366 products this year, as this is a leap year 🙂

Ever heard about sailing in two boats. Get on one boat and sail right!!


Mistake Number Three


If you are too busy acquiring new customers and ignoring the existing ones, just because they already paid and you don’t expect any more money from them, then it is time to stop and reconsider your actions.

Customer is king, do whatever you can to pamper them, go out of the way to help them, your support should be world class. Your main marketing is done by word of mouth. Keep them engaged, keep them happy, don’t be afraid to hire a full time person for customer care if required.


Mistake Number Four


Whether you are a start up business or several years old, if you have not build a list by now, you must start now. If two or three people out of all the visitors who come to your site sign up to your list, imagine how many people you will have in your list in a year’s time



Mistake Number Five


So you are busy promoting your site by spending money on paid ads but how about increasing your ranking by just blogging. I understand we are not born writers but there are services and softwares to do that for you.



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