How to transform your kitchen and live a 100 years!


It sounds like I am encouraging you to renovate your kitchen and you are thinking, oh yes i would love to but I dont have the money!

But what I am suggesting is to look at all the food items in your kitchen and replace them with healthy items.

So, here’s a list of things your kitchen needs!

Trust me! just by making these small changes in your pantry and your kitchen drawers will save you tons of money which you may otherwise spend on medical bills!

So, here we go!

  1. Replace canned and processed food with organic.  – I know its expensive but think about it as along term investment in your body.
  2. Dont keep it, Dont eat it – I realized when there was 5 bags of chips and 10 bottles of coke in the house I consumed more. Then I decided to buy just one or two so that I will eat junk sparingly. It’s not easy  to give up junk food but its controllable! We all agree that junk food makes us happy (don’t know why!) 
  3. Change your cooking oil – to coconut, olive, mustard or sesame. All these oils plus some more are very good but I cook mostly in butter and coconut. Coconut oil is very good for the brain and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. You can read more about its benefits on google. I use mustard oil for cooking meats, its easily available in Indian stores. And whoever told you butter is bad for health…its not true. Millions of dollars have been spent on proving that but there is no evidence that butter is bad. In fact, margarine and ‘I cant believe it’s not butter’ are absolutely harmful for your body. Use your logic – if its not real, its artificial.
  4. Sugar vs sweeteners – If you think you can add sweeteners to your coffee to control your diabetes you are wrong. Again the same principle applies –  if its not real, its artificial.
    So either you have a coffee without sugar or use organic form of sugar like honey, molasses, brown sugar. You also need to watch for candies and chocolates and cakes which are packed. It makes sense to me to buy cakes and donuts from a place where these are baked everyday because there won’t be any preservatives or artificial sugar. So that’s what I suggest, buy your desserts from a small bakery where you can also ask for custom made desserts if you are friendly enough or pay more.
  5.  Rice is good if its brown  – White rice is polished and you don’t want that, fill your pantry with brown rice, it does take a very long time to cook.
    If you still like white rice go for best brands like Basmati and Golden Sella. These are expensive varieties used in Indian cooking.
  6. Replace bread with wholewheat or brown bread – Any bread kept on the shelves with a fancy wrapper and a date of expiry is not what i would buy. Again I would buy fresh bread from a bakery! They might have a variety to choose from but I would trust that their bread won’t have any preservatives.
  7. Get your free run or free range eggs and the meat from the farm – You may be living in a big city and it may not be possible for you to find a farm near you but if you do live near one, you wouldnt mind going once a month to the farm and getting your meats and eggs.
  8. Add seafood to your diet – I am not a fan of seafood but if you are, then you got a source of omegas there. Why the Eastern part of the world has less diseases than the western is because of their high intake of seafood. Seafood is also good for your joints, aches and pains. Read more on google of what eastern people eat to keep healthy. Yes they do tai chi and qi gong and yoga too but we don’t have time for that,lol!
  9. Fill your Spice Box – spices are good and if you love to experiment with your cooking  – these are some of the spices which I use.
    – Turmeric (add a little to all your recipes as its a natural antibiotic)
    – Oregano (i use lots in pastas and pizzas)
    – Cumin powder (I use a spponful to give my recipes a little sweeter flavor)
    – Cloves, black pepper corns, indian bay leaf, black cardamom, green cardamom, cinnamon – this is called an indian garam masala if grounded all together. you can get a readymade pack too!
    – Ginger powder
    -Sesame seeds
    -Mustard seed
    -Black caraway seed (fry your pumpkin in this and some onions)
    -Curry leaves
    -and more!
  10. Use lots of garlic and ginger in your cooking – garlic and ginger have innumerable beneficial properties and its never too much garlic in your food.
  11. Drinks – Its easy for us to buy canned and bottle drinks but if you invest in a juicer and buy some oranges and veggies,you may find a weekend hobby to make your own juices and give some to your friends and family. If you can buy in any juice bars –  fresh juices, fresh coconut water or lemonades – always opt for that. if you are not a heavy drinker –  then occasional wine and beer is good for you too! (that’s what the Bible says). I researched a lot about aloe vera and I recommend aloe vera flavored juice from as its not yukky and comes in three flavors ( cranberry and peaches is my favorite). You can sign up free or find a nearest distribution center for pickups.The list is endless my friend, so if you will ask me questions I would love to help you.

Ask me in the comments below for  healthy Indian recipes


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