Music Therapy works better than medicines

Yesterday Kayla shared this video of an old man in a nursing home.


The doctor in this video is Oliver Sacks who was portrayed in the 1990 movie Awakenings featuring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.

Yes I believe that music can bring you back to life. It changes your mood, it refreshes you, and it lifts your spirits. It reminds us of our youth, our childhood, the song our parents sang or we learnt in school. Music brings back memories.

Today, we have innumerable music gadgets and too many options to choose from. Our ipods and phones are full of 1000s of songs but there was a time we used to play a record or a cassette over and over again till we unconsciously learnt our favorite song and could sing it in our sleep.

Nevertheless, music is still an inseparable part of our lives. We have it playing in our car and some work places allow you to use headphones while you work. Housewives play it while they are cooking.

Unfortunately, people from the older generation do not know how to play their music. They have to rely on what plays on the radio, and they don’t know how to use these new gadgets, how to add their favourite songs in an ipod or phone.

They have lost their music…and with their music, they have lost their childhood and their youth. They have to rely on their children or grandchildren to learn to use these gadgets.

How can we return music to our older generation?

Next time you think of buying a gift for your loved one who is older, specially from the 50s and the 60s, get them a simple music player and load it with the songs of their generation, of their favourite bands. Or get them a cassette player or a record player if you can find the cassettes and records of their choice.



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