One day, I met a friend for coffee who was so excited to share some news with me.

He was launching his new fashion store in the coming month. He had spent endless sleepless nights, all the money he had in his savings and a big chunk of money in advertising via radio, TV ads, newspaper ads and classifieds.

I congratulated him on his new venture and before i finished what i wanted to say, he interrupted me and asked,”Hey, you keep posting these ads about virtually free marketing, please tell me how much I need to spend on online marketing?”

I laughed and said, “it’s a big secret”. But of course, I was joking.

I said it was a bit too late too ask, as he had already spent so much money in traditional marketing when all he had to do was contact me before he did so.

This time I was not joking. This is the year 2015, the age of internet marketing which costs 100 times less than traditonal marketing.

So what are small businesses missing now:

– Correct information on how it works?

– How much does it cost?

– Right people who would do your marketing


Let’s talk about facebook marketing

So, you have a fanpage and you keep asking people to like it but how does it generate leads for you.

Some people buy the paid advertising from facebook that makes them broke with not too many results.

How much does Facebook marketing cost? About $600

How much does a Facebook autoposter cost?  Less than a cup of coffee a day 


About the Author Alicia More