What to do when life happens!

This blog has nothing to do with marketing.
I write this for everyone who may or may not be going through difficult situations.


When life happens…

it is time for action, time to know who you really are.

No one owns your happiness but you, no one can tell you what to do…just listen to your own heart,

follow the song in your head

Love yourself more than any one else, love your body, love the person inside you

dress well, keep your house clean, cook the best for yourself, treat yourself with a dessert, celebrate YOU

Enjoy and live each day, look forward to the coming day

Thank God for everything big and small around you

Be of use to others as someone you may come across today may need your smile, a touch, words of comfort or a helping hand

It’s easy to forget your pain when you see someone else in way more pain than yours

Get your confidence back…no one can control you, no one can hurt you, no one can take away your joy..unless you let them.

Forgive, leave your baggage behind, getup and walk – carry light šŸ™‚

Let God be your guiding light, let Him take over, let Him hold your hand and walk with you

He cannot help you if you don’t let Him


When life happens….live and not survive….


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